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Project Center of Excellence

Creating a Project Management Centre of Excellence is the driving force that takes an organization forward to realize their project management mandate. It encompasses the process of creating a strategy for project management, re-shaping the culture to be more focused on the consistency in the management of projects, and implementing a project management process.

A Centre of Excellence is a business unit that has organization-wide authority. The key elements of a successful Project Management Centre of Excellence include:

  • Vision and Strategies
  • Competencies
  • Culture
  • Processes
  • Quality

Our Featured Courses

   Angular JS
   React JS and Native JS
   Mobile Apps
   Python R
   Database Testing
   SOA Tools
   Hadoop R
   Intelligent Automation(Web and Mobile)
   AI and Machine Learning

Technology Specializations provided are:

SDET Development Agile And DevOps Enterprise
AI & ML Soft Skills

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