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SDET - The Need

SDET is an IT professional who can work equally effectively in development and testing. The full form of SDET is Software Development Engineer in Test and takes part in the complete software development process. An SDET's professional's knowledge is entirely focused on testability, robustness, and performance. They are also able to play a contributory or reviewer role in the creation of designs for production software.


When do you need SDET?

Today, organizations are looking for a professional who can take part in software development. At the same time, he should also handle testing of the developed software. That's why hiring SDET helps them as they can work for developing high-performance code or designing the testing framework.

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Difference between SDET & Tester


Manual Tester

Knows the entire system start to end

Limited knowledge about the system

SDET is involved in every step of the software development process like Designing, development, and testing.

QA is only involved in the testing life cycle of the software development process.

SDET can participate in test automation tool development and may make it for generic use.

Not expected to develop test automation tools or frameworks.

SDETs need to perform duties like performance testing, automated generation of test data, etc.

Only testing related task will be performed by the tester.

Know requirements and guidelines for the products.

No such knowledge expected from QA professionals.

Industries in Need of SDET

There is a trend among companies to adopt new technology and methodologies. Therefore, SDET software professionals are highly on demand. Software development engineer in the test is mainly needed in the following fields:

    Healthcare & Lifescience
    Hospitality & Travel
    Gaming & Entertainment
    Energy & Utilities
    E-Commerce & M-Commerce